A little bit about me: 

     Born and raised under the breathtaking sunsets of Albuquerque, New Mexico, I spent my early career purely as an actor.  I worked with wonderful regional theaters like the Vortex, Mother Road, and the internationally award-winning company, Tricklock.  I spent time in Hollywood training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and then split my Theatre BFA between Cal. State, Long Beach and the University of New Mexico.  

    At that point, I decided to move to New York City to play with the pros.  It taught me multitudes.  I joined the Actors Equity union and developed the discipline it takes to go to open casting calls at 7am.  I learned from Anne Bogart, Reed Birney, and Greg Mosher.  I performed at the Signature Theatre Center and Classic Stage.  I even sat down with the heads of casting at NBC and FOX.  NYC gave me more than I ever expected, but it was working with Kristin Linklater and Andrea Haring that revolutionized my life as an artist.

    I spent three years earning my Master’s degree in Acting from Columbia University, and that’s where I truly fell in love with voice work.  Kristin had been a core teacher in the program since just after it was founded, thus our training was centered around the framework of her Progression.  The Linklater Progression systematically dismantled my preconceived notions of who I thought I was and what I thought my limits were, and gently guided me to a richer, deeper, and fuller expression of myself.  Notice, I don’t just say, “richer voice,” or, “fuller voice.”  The work brought me closer to me, and gave me the freedom and authenticity to be more clearly seen, and heard, by the world.  THIS is why I’ve begun teaching Kristin Linklater’s work.  I believe in its capacity to revolutionize how we communicate.  

    Now I’m living with my partner in Burlington, Vermont, and under the tutelage of Kristin’s lifelong protege, Andrea Haring, I’m dedicating myself to spreading and practicing this profound set of tools.  I’m an actor — now and always — but for the first time in my life, I’m doing more.  I’m freeing my natural voice, just like Kristin taught me, and giving that same gift to as many other people as I can.